Auto Repair Gettysburg PA

For many of us, car repair is one of the necessities in life, like going to the doctor or getting dental check­ ups. When it comes to our health, we can often avoid problems by exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep. Fortunately, the same is true for your car. With proper maintenance at home, and periodic check­ ups and oil changes by professionals, you can often stave off problems — or better yet, nip them in the bud — before they become costly repair issues.

When it comes to auto repair in Gettysburg, one of the best things you can do is get seasonal maintenance for your car. One of the beauties of this area is the change of seasons; but seasonal changes also bring weather­related conditions that can drastically affect car performance. That’s why the Automobile Association of America (AAA) advises motorists to get regular checkups at the beginning of every season.

Fall/Winter Checkups

When temperatures fall, it’s essential to have your car’s battery and charging system checked to ensure smooth engine start­ups. Cold air can make hoses and other rubberized parts more brittle. Likewise, brakes, lights and other essential components should be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they’ll be able to stand up to threatening conditions. Getting snow tires and chains is another seasonal requisite, but it’s also important to check tire alignment and wheel balance — and don’t forget that tire pressure falls more frequently in cold weather as well.

Spring/Summer Checkups

With cold weather worries out of the way, the spring and summer months are ideal for taking care of semi­annual essentials such as replacing your air filter, which should be done twice a year. If you plan on a summer road trip, you’ll want to check the tread on your tires, so you can be ready for those sudden summer rainstorms. Speaking of rainstorms, this is also a good time to replace your windshield wipers — and every season is a good time to re­check those brakes. Whether you’re looking for an automotive repair job or a quick inspection, Mike’s KARS offers a full roster of repair and maintenance services in Gettysburg, PA. Mike’s KARS is staffed by ASE certified technicians who use cutting­edge equipment and state­ of­ the ­art technology to inspect, diagnose and repair your car. Mike’s KARS also offers free courtesy inspections when you bring your car in for servicing, as well as a two­year/24,000 mile warranty on all auto repair services.

When you need a check­up or auto repair in Gettysburg, PA, stop by Mike’s KARS — and while you’re waiting in our comfortable lounge, be sure to enjoy free coffee and Wi­Fi Internet while our experienced automotive technicians service your car. We’ll soon have you back on the road again!