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Air Conditioning Gettysburg PA

Air Conditioning Gettysburg PA

Spring weather is finally here in Pennsylvania and we are even feeling the heat enough to want to turn on the car’s air conditioning. But what’s wrong if the AC isn’t blowing cold air? There are several things that could be wrong and causing the problem. Below are a few possibilities:

AC System Needs Recharged: This is the most common reason the AC is blowing warm air. The system could be low on freon (the chemical that cools the air) and the freon level needs to be corrected for it to operate correctly. The proper way to check for the correct amount of Freon is with a charging machine which removes the remaining Freon in the system and then recharges it with the correct amount. This is commonly referred to as an evacuate and recharge of the AC system. Freon leaks can be very slow but if you recharge the system and lose the cold air within a few weeks, further diagnosis will be needed to determine the location of the leak. A special dye can be added to the system to help quickly locate the leak.

AC Compressor May Not Engage: This could be caused by an electrical issue in the compressor itself or it may not be engaging because the Freon level is too low. In many cars the system is computer controlled so if the computer senses a problem it may turn the system off and not allow the compressor to engage.

Blend Door for Air/Heat is Stuck: There is a small door in the car’s AC/heating system that changes position when you switch between air conditioning and heating. If this door gets stuck in one position it may be necessary to remove part of the dash to make the repair.

Air is Cold but Not Blowing: This could be caused by a faulty switch that turns the blower fan on or the problem could be in the fan unit itself.

Today’s AC systems are complicated and although some repairs can be easy some can also be very difficult. If you are having an issue with your car’s air conditioning just give us a call and we would be happy to cool you down!

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