Oil Changes Gettysburg, PA

One of the most important services for your car or truck, and the one that needs to be performed most often, is an oil change. When your car needs service, you want to be sure that the mechanic is well­ trained. That’s why the most popular stop for oil changes in Gettysburg, PA, is Mike’s KARS. The mechanics at Mike’s are oil change pros. They know that regular oil changes help you maintain your car’s performance in several ways, including:

1. Extending your Engine Life – It’s not just a motto – regular oil changes will

2. Increasing Fuel Efficiency – On a daily basis, you can see how improved

3. Reducing the Emission of Pollutants – If a vehicle begins to burn off the old, dirty

4. Keeping Dirt and Debris from Building Up in Your Engine – Debris and other absolutely extend the life of your engine for years. Consistent oil changes will keep parts from getting pitted, fouled and jammed up.

Performance from an oil change affects your car. Clean oil reduces the friction in the engine parts, which means less gasoline needs to be burned to produce the same output. You won’t see your gas mileage increase significantly, but you may notice a slightly cheaper total on your next receipt. oil, it will release noxious fumes and pollutants as part of the burn­off. Burning off oil doesn’t happen too often, but it’s more likely to occur the longer you wait between changes. junk in the engine can damage parts when it’s pushed through the oil system. The good news is that when old oil is drained, this debris is removed.

When you bring your vehicle into Mike’s KARS for an oil change, we won’t just change your oil, we’ll also change your oil filter. Stop by Mike’s KARS for your next oil change. We’re Gettysburg’s favorite garage and have provided oil changes, brake and transmission repairs and a full range of auto repairs for more than 30 years. We’re conveniently located on Old Harrisburg Road near Gettysburg Area High School.