Spring cleaning can look different in the automotive world. Many times customers come in with a complaint about their car and we open the hood to find what we call a critter condo. Many rodents find the warmth and protection of a car a great place to build a nest.

The most common problem caused by rodents is wiring issues. Electrical issues are hard enough to diagnose without the help of rodents. Most rodents are small and can get into tight spaces that a technician can’t see making it even more difficult to find the problem. We have even seen a few cases where the rodents have chewed hoses and wires on top of the gas tank – twice in the same vehicle. Volvo fuel hoses must be very tasty.

Another favorite item found in cars for rodents are air filters and even the insulation in your car. They chew this up and make their own nest. But don’t worry they don’t always chew up your car. Sometimes they build their nest with leaves and other items found outside your car.

Along with the nest we often find a storage location for their winter food. A prime spot for food storage is the air box. We have found lots of acorns and dog food clogging up the air system of many cars. So if you see signs of rodents in or around your car or there is an unpleasant odor coming in through your air vents it would be a good idea to pop the hood and take a look. You may be surprised at what you find.